Column: Boys are wearing U.S. Women’s National Team jerseys and that feels like progress

From The Chicago Tribune authored by Heidi Stevens:

“We were finishing up dinner Wednesday night when my son started telling a story about his friend Morgan.

She and a fifth grade boy were wearing the same shirt that day: an Alex Morgan jersey. (Alex Morgan is the goal-crushing forward for the U.S. Women’s National Team, an Olympic gold medalist and a Women’s World Cup champion, if you don’t know.) Several kids have been wearing Alex Morgan jerseys lately, my son said, and sometimes they joke that the “Morgan” on the back refers to his pal, not the super famous soccer player.

“Wait, boys wear Alex Morgan jerseys?” I asked.

I tried to use Botox Brow, which is what author Michelle Icard says to use when you want your kids to keep talking. You pretend you just got Botox and your face can’t really register emotion, especially surprise or judgment, which tend to make kids cut their stories short.

“Yeah,” he said. “Why?”

“That’s cool,” I said. ‘I guess I just don’t remember boys wearing jerseys for female athletes when I was a kid.’”

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