From SwimSwam By Annika Johnson

“Bryant and his co-counsel worked on the Title IX cases for both William and Mary and East Carolina. In the Bailey and Glasser press release about Dartmouth’s reinstatement, Bryant said, ‘This is a huge victory for the women at Dartmouth who stood up for their rights, the entire Dartmouth community, and everyone who cares about gender equity and the law.'”

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From SCC: The law needs to be in place to provide the protection that people deserve, the lawyers (plaintiffs’ lawyers) need to be ready to file the lawsuits when it becomes necessary to enforce the law. So proud of these young adults who worked together regardless of their gender to push back for their own benefit AND, of course, the benefit of students who would be coming behind them in the semesters and years to come. What they learned through years of dedication to their sport to be some of the best (hard work, discipline, patience, ETC…) has been applied in and through the legal action they took to fight for their rights. So happy for them! Where are you able to see and work for justice? Sometimes, as a lawyer, it is your work…but sometimes it’s not as a lawyer, but as an observant fellow-human who sees something happening that’s not right. The opportunities to speak up on behalf of, and fight for justice, are plenty. Where have you seen and taken these opportunities in your life (both in and out of the courtroom)?

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