Help Deserving Teachers Tackle Those Classroom Supplies With #ClearTheLists

From She Knows authored by Jennifer Matten:

“Here’s some good news for a change — and you can be a big part of it. One elementary school teacher in Texas, Courtney Jones, created a social media campaign, #ClearTheLists, to help teachers across the U.S. obtain school supplies that consistently go uncovered by their school districts. Did you know that teachers spend a whopping average of $479 out of pocket on classroom supplies each year? That’s data from the National Center of Education Statistics, reported by the New York Post — and we’re honestly flabbergasted. Who can come up with nearly $500 — especially on a teacher’s salary?

That’s where we all come in. Here’s how #ClearTheLists works: Jones created the campaign under a different name in July 2019, Teacher Amazon Gifting, on Facebook. She posted a video explaining how it works on YouTube: “What it is is a bunch of teachers who originally got together to support other teachers by gifting each other things off of our Amazon wish lists,” Jones is heard saying in the video.

The movement exploded. Jones said the social media following skyrocketed from 1,000 people to 25,000. You can find out more in the YouTube video…”

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