Javicia Leslie on Becoming TV’s First Black Batwoman

From The New York Times, by Sarah Bahr

“Who were some of your other heroes growing up?
As a person of color, I was a big fan of Storm from ‘X-Men,’ and Catwoman was the coolest supervillain. Outside the world of comics, it was people who used their art as activism — people who fought for their right to exist in the entertainment industry like Diahann Carroll, Dorothy Dandridge and Nina Simone.”
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From SCC: Loved this interview with Ms. Javicia Leslie. She’s a beautiful example of what can be accomplished when someone builds on the work of her/our predecessors, and perseveres to pursue her dreams. SHE EARNED IT, she also built on the work of others before her. Hopefully, we are all looking for the paths that have been both paved for us BUT ALSO invite us to walk forward IN WORK and confidence to create a more well-worn and longer path for those that come behind us. Go team.

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