Job-Interview Etiquette Isn’t Just for the Applicants

From The Wall Street Journal authored by Sue Shellenbarger:

“Employers are battling to hire skilled employees in one of the tightest labor markets in 50 years. So they must be courting job seekers, wooing them with care and consideration—right?

Some hiring managers apparently didn’t get the memo.

A growing number of job applicants are being ghosted—interviewing for jobs, then getting no follow-up response from the employer. Others say employers’ dismissive handling of their applications or interviews is leaving them cold.

Yechiel Kalmenson took a full day off a previous job, without pay, to interview at another company. Then—nothing. He got no replies to a series of emails to the company for weeks, says Mr. Kalmenson, a Brooklyn software engineer. He finally gave up.

Mr. Kalmenson considers such behavior toward applicants a sign of how an employer is likely to treat its employees. “Being ghosted may be a disappointment, but it probably saves you from a more lasting disappointment down the road,” he says.

Employers often complain about job seekers who disappear, but companies’ vanishing act does serious damage too, with lasting effects on their reputation on the labor market, says Brian Kropp, chief of human-resources research for Gartner Inc. “If you treat candidates poorly during the recruiting process, they’re going to tell their friends. You could get away with that in 2009, but you can’t get away with it in 2019,” he says.”

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