Kamala Harris to be escorted by Howard marching band on Inauguration Day [TODAY!!!]

From The Grio, by Ny Magee

“Throughout her career, the vice president-elect has carried her Howard education with her, ensuring that she adhere to truth and service and inspiring her to achieve unprecedented levels of excellence. It is perfectly fitting that the Showtime Marching Band, the ensemble that captures and reverberates the heartbeat of our institution, should accompany her on this last leg of her journey to the White House.” 💙  Read Ms. Magee’s full story by FOLLOWING THIS LINK


From SCC: I listened to a story about the/her Howard University inauguration drum line on NPR last night on the way to the grocery store, and I got all choked up…shed real, big, fat tears of joy. Today is the first day in American history that there will be a Madame Vice President. FIRST. TIME. EVER. To have the first woman be a non-white woman makes this EXTRA-special and to have the power and beauty and spirit of a DRUM LINE to lead her into this role….WELL, I know I’m gonna get another good fat cry in this morning, too. I can hardly wait.

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