From Vanity Fair authored by Abigail Santamaria:

“There was nothing wrong with being abrasive, she reassured him. ‘If a violin is to make music, there must be the abrasion of the bow against the taut gut. So there’s the abrasion which is creative, or the abrasion which is made when the bow is banged meaninglessly against the strings—and that’s never real or true. I want to read your story.’”

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From SCC: Please read this story. It’s a beautiful example of building an authentic relationship: listening, learning, and loving. Through this type of relationship, our humility and respect for humanity (our own and others’) grow. There can hardly be a more noble goal for our day, let alone, our life. So, please: read, listen, learn, and then ask yourself who [not like you] can you better love today.

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