Male VP’s ‘ROI’ Comment to Mom Breastfeeding During Meeting Goes Viral

From Working Mother authored by Anna Cincotta:

“Returning from maternity leave comes with a host of challenges, from the logistical to the emotional. But some workplaces, such as Patagonia and the Working Mother 100 Best Companies, make it a bit easier for new moms.

Holly Morissette, a recruiter at Patagonia, inspired working parents everywhere with a post on LinkedIn, stemming from a sadly uncommon situation. Patagonia offers onsite childcare. As a result, Holly can feed her infant at work, and she does, even in the presence of colleagues. This led to a male VP’s applause-worthy comment.

“While nursing my baby during a morning meeting the other day after a recent return from maternity leave, our VP (Dean Carter) turned to me and said…‘There is no way to measure the ROI on that. But I know it’s huge.’”

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