Marketing Motherhood: Why Mothers Bring In More Business To Law Firms

From Above the Law authored by Nanda E. Davis:

“‘I did my research online and I chose you because you’re a mom too. You get it.’ I cannot count the number of times I have heard this from nervous women sitting in my office for their first intake appointment. I’m a custody and divorce attorney in Roanoke, Virginia, and based on my conversations with other attorney moms across the country, I believe my experience is representative of a broader trend.  Savvy individuals in need of legal representation no longer open the phone book and cold-call attorneys.  Instead, they are carefully looking at online bios to select an attorney they believe would be a good fit for them.  For women who are mothers, they are looking for attorneys who are also moms.

I worried that becoming a mom would hurt my business because potential clients would view me as “less committed” to the practice of law.  I had no idea that being a mom would become a marketing niche for me, or that it would give me an advantage over more experienced attorneys who do not have children — both in attracting new client business, and advocating for those clients in the courtroom. My clients have rescheduled meetings when I have had to stay home with a sick kid, and they have known when I’ve taken a recess to go pump breastmilk.  And far from being frustrated with me, they are supportive because they have been there too.”

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