Taking Back ‘Hysterical’

From The New York Times authored by Maya Salam:

“If they want to call you crazy, fine. Show them what crazy can do.”

— Serena Williams, in a new Nike ad about women in sports

“There is probably no better woman than Serena Williams to lead the charge of reclaiming the word “crazy.” In the past six months, she’s been penalized, fined and criticized for what she has said, has done, has worn and looks like — being called “crazy” by detractors all the while.

Her ability to flourish in spite of it has further endeared her to her legion of supporters, so it was no surprise when fans went, well, crazyon Sunday night when Williams’s new all-female Nike ad, “Dream Crazier,” premiered during the Oscars. (It’s already racked up over six million views on YouTube.)”

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