From The Hill By Sarah Polus

“Rob Crilly, a White House correspondent for the Washington Examiner, noted that he was the only male journalist who was seated in the area of the briefing room most visible on camera. ‘I’m the only male journalist with a briefing room seat today so I figured I would make an effort,’ he joked, tweeting out a photo of himself looking attentive.”

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From SCC: The story and title stand SO VERY WELL on their own, I couldn’t help but choose to highlight the darling, self-deprecating, tweet from their male colleague who also got a seat “at the table.” His sense of humor is just another bright light that this story shines attention on: women are doing well, and HE IS HERE FOR IT – in fact, “making an effort” because of it. lol Kudos to him, and may we all be strong enough in ourselves and our work that we a) would keep pushing to work at the top of our field, just as these women have (even when it would appear not that long ago that it was not a place for women…CERTAINLY not a majority of women), and that we would b) support the “new faces” in any space we already occupy by lifting them up. Period. Not that we have to put ourselves down: certainly not. BUT, having a self-deprecating sense of humor that allows for that never hurt anyone. (I don’t think!)
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