Why I’m Glad I Powered Through After Having Kids

From Above the Law authored by Claire Parsons:

“Let’s face it: the first year after having a kid is just tough. There’s sleep deprivation. There’s a new tiny human who depends on you for everything. Literally everything. All the while, you are still recovering, mentally, physically, and emotionally, from bringing this tiny human into the world. And, if it’s your first, you may have no idea what you are doing. About any of it. When you put it this way, it sounds crazy that any person would say it’s a good idea to add law practice into the mix after a few too short months.

But, like lots of other moms, I did it. Many days were horrible. I considered giving up all the time. I wish it had been different. It should have been different. Now, with the benefit of perspective since my kids are nearly 3 and 7, I’m glad I just powered through it.

Why? I could say it in a number of ways, but it comes down to one word: control. Two years ago, I made equity partner at my firm. This means that I have the power to make decisions about my own schedule. I can work remotely from home when I feel like it or if there’s a snow day or one of the kids is sick. I can cut out early to get to a school function or handle a doctor’s appointment or do something to take care of myself. And I don’t have to ask anyone for permission. I don’t need anyone’s permission. I’m the boss. In other words, because I’m now a decisionmaker at the firm I also get to make decisions for myself. When you have kids and your spouse works too, that control really makes a difference.”

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