You know someone who’s had a miscarriage.

From The New York Times authored by Lauren Kelley and Alexandra March:

“YOU PROBABLY HAVEN’T HEARD MANY OF THOSE STORIES, however, and you might not have shared your own. Many of the reasons for that silence are understandable — most miscarriages happen early, and it can be awkward to announce a pregnancy after it has already ended. Plus, some women simply don’t want to broadcast intimate information about their efforts to have a child.

But there are other forces at work: a society that sees women’s bodies as shameful and that blames them, even criminalizes them, for pregnancies gone wrong. Policies that punish women for getting pregnant at all. Widespread ignorance about human reproduction. A health care industry that too often fails women, especially women of color. And a general unwillingness to grapple with complex emotions, like debilitating grief over the loss of a microscopic embryo — or a tinge of relief at the loss of a 16-week fetus.”

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