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Joining the Girl Attorney Facebook Community:

The Community is made up of a total of fifty-two individual Facebook Groups (one for each U.S. State, D.C., and a National Group).

The purpose of the Groups is to support and encourage women who have graduated from law school (both those that do and do not practice law), for issues related to being women professionals in general, and regarding issues specific to the area-of-law.

The Groups are ALL on Facebook’s highest privacy setting, which means you will not find any of these Groups by a search on Facebook; you will need to be added by a Facebook friend who is already in the Group(s), or respond to a Facebook-sent email invite.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE SENT AN EMAIL INVITE TO THE NATIONAL and/or ONE OF THE STATE GROUPS, then a) register for the Directory, and b) complete the form below with the state groups you wish to be added to and give us the email that you use for Facebook. You will receive email from Facebook for group or groups you requested to join. If the link you are provided does not work (YES, Facebook really will send non-working links), then please contact us by emailing admin@girlattorney.com – and putting “FB Group link problem” in the subject line for faster processing. Thank you!