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EVERY state (+ D.C.) has its own GIRL ATTORNEY® Facebook Group.

SOME of the state Facebook Groups are huge, and thriving with questions and responses, encouraging and exciting news, along with discouraging or need-some-encouragement news. It is all a part of life and the law.

OTHERS of the state Facebook Groups are small, tiny, or even still only have just me – Admin – as a member. Sounds so sad, right?

You may have already come across one of these small/inactive Groups, if so – and if you are an attorney living in that small/inactive GIRL ATTORNEY® state Facebook Group….GIRL, HAVE I GOT A DEAL FOR YOU.

So, here’s the deal: it is an invitation to become a LAUNCH LEADER.


A Launch Leader is a volunteer/member of a GIRL ATTORNEY® Facebook state Group who helps get that Group launched/or, re-launched! So, as you can imagine, this person has a huge role in the building Community amongst the women of her state.

Basically, a Launch Leader is woman willing to take lead in her state creating the MOMENTUM that helps that Group get off the ground so it can become yet another vibrant Community of women attorneys.

Learning from experience: When I made the first GIRL ATTORNEY® Facebook Group (it is the Group that is now the “NATIONAL” Facebook Group), I introduced myself. I mean, I could only add current Facebook Friends, so I knew they would all know me. But, I (basically) said, “Hi! I hope this space will be a good place for us to ask questions, share, help, encourage, etc… This is my area of law, these are my interests, and so on – please introduce yourselves to the rest of the Group, and please share this Group with other women attorneys through the “ADD” mechanism in the Facebook Group. THEN, I added all of my Facebook friends who were also women attorneys – a whole 46 women.

Then, it happened.

Women posted their intro, and they were inviting a woman attorney Facebook friend or two (2), or ten (10), or, for some women, two hundred!

Within a week, there were over 1,000 women in the Group. In related news: I never did get a personal welcome to every single person – it was growing too fast to keep up.

After a couple of weeks, the Facebook Group Feed eventually transitioned from introductions/welcomes to questions/responses. About that time, the fact that the Group had folks from several (predominately two) different states became an issue. Someone asked if we could separate the Oklahoma and Texas Groups.

So, I did.

I made one Facebook Group for Texas “GIRL ATTORNEY® – TX” – and one for Oklahoma “GIRL ATTORNEY® – OK” and renamed the original Group from “GIRL ATTORNEY®” to “GIRL ATTORNEY® – NATIONAL.”

Leading by example: The TX Group had a Launch Leader (currently the GIRL ATTORNEY® – TX Moderator), who introduced herself in much the same way I did for that first Group. She then added approximately 100 women to the Group within a short period of time: within about an hour. THEN, IT. HAPPENED. AGAIN. Those first-added women introduced themselves, added their women attorney friends, and the GIRL ATTORNEY® – TX Group grew to nearly 1,000 women within a few days; today it is over 5,300 women strong (and always growing).

That’s a lot of women in different stages of their career, different areas of law, different sides of the table…who are supporting, encouraging, and giving – in one space.

All it took to get it started was ONE WOMAN.

Another Group, GIRL ATTORNEY® – NC, provides a great example for a re-launch. A lovely lady offered to add some friends to this otherwise-empty Group, and help get it off of the ground. She added approximately ten women. A few of them added a friend or two, and within about a week there were approximately twenty women. And….that was it for a long time. So, it existed, but there had never been any momentum built. It stalled.

Approximately three months later (during a snow storm if I remember correctly), one of the women in the Group got a “wild hair” and added the nearly 200 women attorneys that she knew.

It exploded. That Group grew by leaps and bounds in the days that followed, and now a community of over 2,300 women serves the women attorneys in North Carolina!

So, are you in a state Group that needs a launch? Are you willing to be that ONE WOMAN to bring the GIRL ATTORNEY® National Community to the women of your state? Do you alone – or with a friend or two combined – have 100+ women attorney Facebook friends, that you are willing to share your GIRL ATTORNEY® state Facebook Group with? Do you love the thought of being an integral part of [re-]launching GIRL ATTORNEY® in your state?

If so, let me know!

When each GIRL ATTORNEY® Facebook Group grows, the entire National Community is strengthened.

Would you like to be a critical part of the GIRL ATTORNEY® Community growing and serving your state?

If so, please contact me about being a launch leader in your state; write to me today at: susan@girlattorney.com!


Susan Carns Curtiss, Founder & CEO Girl Attorney, LLC

(IMPORTANT COMPANY NOTE: If you want to use the “GIRL ATTORNEY” name/logo in association with an event you are planning, please contact me at your earliest convenience, at: susan@carnscurtiss.com.  I will not charge you for use of it!  But, I do need to be aware of the event, asked for, and be able to grant permission first. THANK YOU!)