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Every GIRL ATTORNEY™ state Facebook Group has (or needs) a Moderator. Some Groups have more than one Moderator (you know what they say about “many hands…”; if you are interested in becoming a Moderator in your state – READ ON – and, let me know via susan@girlattorney.com.

First off, a Moderator must be a Member of the Group.

The Moderator assists the Admin (that’s me!) in monitoring that state’s Facebook Group “Feed” for:

a) Compliance with the Posting Guidelines. Posts that conflict with the Posting Guidelines are responded to in a manner consistent with what is laid out within the Posting Guidelines. Follow this link to read them now: POSTING GUIDELINES*; also,

b) Facilitating communication within the Group. For example, a Moderator may comment on a response to a question by just tagging the original-posting member (the person with the question), to help be sure the person who posted the original question sees the responsive Comment.

*YES, the Posting Guidelines are as long as heck – but, at the end of the day, it is all pretty much common sense. I have really only made this attempt to “spell it out” as much as possible since I am a big fan of clarity – and it seems only fair to attempt to provide it – as opposed to just writing, “Just don’t be a jerk,” which could, arguably, do the trick.

Also, the Moderators always gets to be the “nice one.” If a Moderator comes across something contentious going on…it is only the Moderator’s responsibility to let me know. I will be the “bad guy,” if needed. Candidly, it ALMOST NEVER happens. And, candidly, even when I’m the “bad guy” I’m nice about it. But, anyway, point being – being Moderator is a great, relatively low-impact, friendly-engagement way to help out the women of GIRL ATTORNEY™!

Finally, please ask if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions! PM me, Susan Carns Curtiss, or shoot me an email at susan@girlattorney.com


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