23andMe CEO Anne Wojcicki is on a new quest: Respect for breast-feeding moms

From The Washington Post authored by Meredith C. Carroll:

“’They were totally unapologetic. It was such an intentional move, and there was absolutely no remorse. I was so shocked,’ she said. ‘It’s a world that needs a little more empathy for people. When you are breast-feeding your child, you’re vulnerable, and they took advantage of me. They kicked me while I was down.’ However, it would be a mistake to characterize Wojcicki as anything resembling a victim, in this instance or any other. ‘In some ways, I feel fortunate that it happened to me and not someone else because I have a platform to keep driving positive change,’ she said. ‘If this gives support to other women, then I’m happy to be speaking out.’”

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