3 Ways To Attract The Mentor You Truly Want

From Medium authored by Nicolas Cole:

“I have been extremely fortunate to have attracted some truly phenomenal mentors in my life.

In fact, just about every success or skill set I have acquired has been the result of a mentor.

Whether it was classical piano, video games, bodybuilding, music, marketing and advertising, I learned at a very young age that learning from a mentor speeds up the learning process ten fold.

And not only does it speed it up, but it teaches you nuances about the craft in a way that is nearly impossible to learn in a more formal setting, like school.

Especially in business and entrepreneurship, it seems everyone is looking for “a mentor.”

To be honest, I don’t think most people even know what a mentor really is, let alone what to look for in a mentor — so let’s start there.

A mentor is NOT someone who gives you all the answers.

In fact, a true mentor is quite literally the opposite of that.

You don’t learn by being given “the answers.” You learn by being given the space to discover the answers for yourself.

The mentor’s job is to help give you an opposing force to practice against.

They challenge you.

They push you.

They question you.

They look out for you.

Never with the intent of impressing who they are on to you, so much as giving you the opportunity to decide for yourself who it is you want to be.

A mentor is your coach and training partner. That said, a lot of people tend to associate mentors with people in “authority figure” positions.

Truthfully, just because someone has achieved something on their own does not mean they will be a great mentor.

Being a mentor or trusting yourself to the leadership of a mentor is not something to be taken lightly.

Let me explain.”

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