4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be So Hard on Yourself When You Screw Up at Work

From The Muse authored by Thomas Oppong:

“Millions of people are obsessed with perfection. This obsession makes it difficult to make a decision without wasting too much time analyzing every detail.

Don’t get me wrong, it pays to get things right. But when you can’t launch any idea because you don’t have the perfect one yet, or you can’t show your work to the rest of the world because you haven’t perfected the product or service, something’s wrong.

Author and Playwright George Bernard Shaw sums it up perfectly:

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.

You will make mistakes, hurt others, and get hurt. Big ones, little ones, ones you can fix, and others you can’t. Seriously—you’re going to mess up at some point, no matter how proactive you are. It’s inevitable.

Unless you do nothing.

So, stop chasing perfection. Screwing up is part of life and success—the more you experience it, the better (within reason, of course). It’s hard to achieve something worthwhile when you play it safe.”


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