‘Extreme Part-Time’ Lawyer-Moms Flock to Freelance Firms

From The American Lawyer authored by Angela Morris:

“After having her second child, Southern California litigator Erin Giglia worked part-time for law firm Snell & Wilmer, but fellow associate Laurie Rowen had different plans for work when her baby girl was born 16 days after Giglia’s daughter.

Rowen always knew she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, while continuing to do legal work on an extremely part-time basis. It took nearly a year for Giglia to jump on board, but when she did, the pair co-founded Montage Legal Group, a new legal business model especially attractive to women.

Montage and firms like it have proven a good match for all sorts of lawyers who want to set their own work terms, but they have become particularly popular with lawyer moms who want to dramatically reduce their hours after they give birth, but who also want to stay in the legal game. The part-time experience at these kinds of firms also eases the transition back into the profession full time, if they choose to, when their children get older.

About 85 percent of Montage’s 300 freelance attorneys are lawyer moms who average 10 hours of work weekly, Giglia said. ‘It’s a very sought-after way to go about keeping a hand in the legal field while not having the punishing schedule.’”

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