‘I Voted’ Stickers Pile Up In Emotional Tribute At Susan B. Anthony’s Grave

From NPR authored by Colin Dwyer:

“When Susan B. Anthony cast her ballot in the 1872 presidential election, it’s fairly safe to say the pioneering suffragist did not receive a sticker declaring, “I voted.” Instead of one of those little badges of civic honor, so ubiquitous in U.S. elections these days, Anthony received a pair of handcuffs — she was arrested for and convicted of voting nearly half a century before women finally won the right to do so.

Anthony never lived to see the 19th Amendment adopted. But on Tuesday, some people did their best to repay her sacrifice — with stickers. Lots and lots of stickers.

Beginning early in the morning, women left their polling places and descended on the cemetery where Anthony was laid to rest in Rochester, N.Y. There, in the drizzly gray of autumn, they plastered her gravestone with stickers of red, white and blue.”

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