The ACLU Raises Concerns Over Taylor Swift’s Facial Recognition Concert Surveillance

From Refinery 29 authored by Anna Millard:

“When you go to a Taylor Swift concert, you might expect your face to show up in the background of a crowd selfie (or a thousand). You might not expect to have pictures of your face analyzed in real time by Swift’s security team.
Rolling Stone reported that concertgoers at Swift’s May 18 Rose Bowl concert had their identities scanned by sophisticated facial recognition technology embedded in a large screen playing concert clips. Faces were compared to a database of Swift’s known stalkers, as a security measure for the singer.
Now, the American Civil Liberties Union has responded. In a blog post published the the nonprofit’s website, an an analyst from the ACLU’s Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project outlined some concerns Swift’s use of the technology raises. While they appreciate the serious threat of stalkers, the ACLU warns against the tech: ‘We shouldn’t rush into embracing without checks and balances to make sure it’s not abused.’”
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