Addicts Can Be High-Functioning: What Lawyers Need to Know

From Attorney at Work authored by Eric Webber:

“They say “work hard, play hard.” Unfortunately, this adage may normalize workplace behavior that can be very dangerous. In fact, a 2015 study found that workaholics are more likely to drink in excess than their peers. At many major firms, lawyers routinely work up to 60-hour weeks, so it’s no surprise they are especially susceptible to workaholism and addiction.

Until recently, the potential consequences of a workaholic culture — addiction, anxiety and depression — were rarely spoken of. However, the opioid epidemic has elevated the dialogue about addiction. The idea that addicts are all vagrants has given way to a broader awareness that addiction affects people from every walk of life. Moreover, it is a myth that an individual seemingly functioning well at work could not be an addict. Our experiences paint a picture of an individual who continues to maintain the facade of functionality at work despite the extent of their alcohol or drug use.”

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