Artist Reimagines Disney Princesses As Career Women And It’s Everything

From Scary Mommy authored by Christine Marfice:

“Disney princesses are role models for a ton of kids, but there’s a big problem with that. So many of the classic princesses make catching a man one of their primary goals, but an artist used his talent to point out that there’s more to life than getting married.

What if those same princesses that so many kids look up to had real-life careers? What if instead of getting married to their Prince Charmings and riding off into their sunsets, they did important work that makes the world a better place?

That’s exactly what illustrator Matt Burt envisioned.

In a new collection created for his employer, Simple Thrifty Living, Burt imagined many of Disney’s classic princesses as powerful, successful career women. Yes, the results are just as magical as you would imagine.

“I’ve seen numerous reimaginings of the princesses but not one like this — showing them as successful career women,” Burt told Scary Mommy. ‘To many people, the Disney princesses have become so much more than just characters in movies. I wanted to create these to inspire others in hopes that they can find a career that they love and a career that makes a difference.’”

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