This Comic Perfectly Explains the Mental Load Working Mothers Bear

From Working Mother authored by Joseph Barberio:

“Parenthood is a partnership, but sometimes it can be a bit uneven. As many working moms will tell you, some husbands often don’t do their fair share or need to be directed to do certain chores. Which leaves moms responsible for not only their half of parenting and household duties, but also organizing, reminding and planning everything else. This burden is called the “mental load,” and is very familiar to many moms around the world.

French cartoonist Emma brilliantly explains the mental load and its effect on working mothers in a new comic titled “You Should’ve Asked.” The comic starts out with a quick story of an overworked mom who had to cook while tending to her child at a dinner party. Eventually things get out of hand as the mom attempts to handle everything herself. Her husband then says he would have helped out if she had only asked him to. The comic goes on to explain that husbands shouldn’t have to be asked to step up and that moms shouldn’t be solely responsible for directing them and planning everything.”


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