How to Cope When You’re Being Bullied at Work

From Time authored by Fran Hauser:

“The first time I had to deal firsthand with a bully at work was when I was in my early 30s. My company was based in New York City, and my boss asked me to partner on a project with someone I immediately recognized as toxic. He was mean, he yelled, he interrupted me in meetings constantly, and he micromanaged like crazy. To make things even worse, he was completely ineffective. He frequently made big promises and never followed through.

I’ve seen bullying take on many different forms at work — not just yelling or hurling insults, but also talking behind someone’s back, sabotaging their work or spreading negative rumors. These are extremely difficult situations, and they can be even more challenging for “nice girls” like me who so value getting along with their coworkers and are often very likely to take a bully’s actions personally. (Important to note: I’m not talking about sexual harassment or abuse in the workplace, which is a related but different issue. If you’re being mistreated in that way, seek legal counsel.)


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