Cornell Law Review’s New All-Women Board Speaks Volumes, Editor Says

From The New York Law Journal authored by Karen Sloan:

“The Cornell Law Review made a splash this weekend when it elected an all-female executive board—believed to be a first for a flagship journal at a top law school.

Like most other areas of the legal profession, men have long dominated law review participation and the leadership of those journals—which are key stepping-stones to judicial clerkships, prestigious law firms jobs and powerful government positions. A 2010 survey of law review participation found that women made up 44 percent of law review staffers and 33 percent of those in leadership roles.

But times are changing. After dipping below the 50 percent mark in the early half of the decade, female enrollment at American Bar Association-accredited law schools hit 52 percent this fall. And women are especially well represented at the top 20 law schools.”

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