Did he just harass you or are you imagining it? You might be a victim of ‘crasslighting.’

From The Washington Post authored by Monica Hesse:

“As #MeToo stories go, Talia Jane’s latest was depressingly typical. Earlier this week, the Brooklyn-based writer was exchanging direct messages on Twitter with a male journalist. After ostensibly offering career advice, he abruptly pivoted: “Anyway, you’re so beautiful,” he typed. And then: “Anyway you are hilarious.”

Jane didn’t respond, but he then sent a third message, which I’d transcribe if it wouldn’t get me fired. Suffice it to say, it was a graphic description of a sexual encounter involving bodily fluids.

Now Jane responded: “This isn’t appropriate or acceptable.”

“Holy s—!” he replied. “That wasn’t intended for you.”

Truly, the lewd sentence had been so bizarre and such a non sequitur that his explanation almost made sense. Except, the message clearly appeared in the same window as their previous exchanges. And when another reporter later contacted the man to ask for clarification about the intended recipient, he declined to elaborate. (It probably was not intended for his wife — yes, he’s married — as this exchange took place late at night, when he presumably could have contacted her via a method more direct than DMs.)”

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