‘Eloise At The Museum’ Tells The Story Behind The Beloved Mischief-Maker

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“For generations of children, the Eloise book series is a favorite. It tells the story of a 6-year old troublemaker who lives at New York’s Plaza Hotel. Now “Eloise at the Museum,” an exhibition at the New York Historical Society, looks at the creators of the series: author Kay Thompson, who died in 1998, and illustrator Hilary Knight, who’s now 90.

Eloise was the brain-child of the multi-talented Thompson who at various points in her life was a radio personality, a vocal arranger at MGM and a popular cabaret performer. Thompson amused her friends with the voice of a little girl called Eloise, and one of those friends thought the character might make a good children’s book. She lived next door to a young artist named Hilary Knight and introduced the two. It was the beginning of a close working relationship.

“We would get ideas and we would collectively paste them together,” Knight says. ‘You know, she would talk to me and I would draw them.'”

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