Fed-Up Women Are Changing American Politics

From TIME authored by Molly Ball :

“Spradlin, a sixth-grade English teacher in Choctaw, Okla., was at the state capitol in Oklahoma City on April 9, missing her sixth day of work in order to demand more school funding. She’s part of a wave of teacher actions that has lately swept Republican-led states, as well as an example of this moment’s political archetype: a woman who is fed up and ready to do something about it.

Fed-up women have been driving the political cycle since November 2016. The January 2017 Women’s March is believed to have been the largest single-day protest in U.S. history. Record numbers of women are running for office, with many citing the 2016 election as a spur to action. The #MeToo movement has emboldened women across industries to speak up against sexual harassment and misconduct. Women have been major drivers of protests on health care and gun control. If Democrats score big in November’s midterm elections, as most prognosticators believe they will, angry women will be the reason.”




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