This Is How I Finally Confronted My Office Bully

From Career Contessa authored by Erin Strybis:

“We all have memories of school bullies we’d like to leave behind. But bullying doesn’t end after graduation—in fact, it’s common in the workplace.

According to the Workplace Bullying Institute, bullying is actually four times more common than sexual harassment in the workplace. It’s also an issue that affects both women and men.

The thing about workplace bullying, however, is that it’s not easy to spot, especially given our cultural norms. For example, when I received a series of passive-aggressive emails that undercut me professionally and personally, I initially brushed them off because I was told the sender was “difficult.” At the time, I didn’t recognize these messages were inappropriate—but now, I know I was dealing with a workplace bully.

Too often women ignore or dismiss belittling behavior in the office. As women, we are conditioned to be nice, to not make waves, to submit to authority. The tide is turning, however. With the rise of the #metoo movement and #timesup campaign, women across the U.S. (and the world) are speaking up about sexual harassment—and putting an end to it.

We can speak out to stop bullying, too. That’s why I’m sharing my story.”




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