Are We Finally Ready for the Male Pill?

From TIME authored by Alexandra Sifferlin:

“Daniel Dudley, 28, is a busy man. The doctor-in-training is an active hiker, an amateur chef—he’s currently learning Indian cooking—and a proud “father” to two dwarf rabbits whose antics he chronicles under the Instagram handle, bunnyzaddy. He’s also at least partially responsible for the creation of a new male contraceptive.

Over the last five years, Dudley has volunteered for three separate clinical trials of three different male contraceptive methods. He’s taken a daily pill for a month, rubbed a hormonal gel on his chest, and had an injection of hormones into his left butt cheek. If all the methods were available today, he’d choose the injection for its long-lasting convenience. “I would totally use it,” he says.

Dudley, who is currently in a long-distance relationship, wants to do his part to increase contraception options for men and take the burden of pregnancy prevention off women, “which is an injustice,” the medical student at the University of Washington says. ‘There’s been much less money and effort put into safely and effectively lowering men’s fertility.’”

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