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“In 2014, Donna Miller was on vacation with her sisters, Dr. Karen Nern and Dr. Freddi Pennington. All former business executives, with five daughters and three granddaughters between them, they started talking about their frustration with the lack of women in senior leadership positions and the fact that one out of every four women is impacted by domestic violence. One of those women was their mother – a beautiful, strong, intelligent author and college professor who had been a survivor as an adolescent before marrying their father.

Their mother had high expectations of them, and also taught them to use their talents to make a difference. They started mulling over what the three of them could do to drive positive change, and came to the blinding realization that women have all the power they need. No matter how much money women earn relative to men, they make around 80% of ALL purchasing decisions.

With that simple but powerful number in their heads, they felt that if women would buy from the companies that support them – women-owned or women-led companies – and a portion of the proceeds support efforts to reduce domestic violence, they could use that purchasing power to shatter glass ceilings and change lives in a matter of quarters rather than decades.

And so Purse Power was born.

Purse Power is a tool that allows any shopper to find women-owned and women-led companies they can prioritize and purchase from. And a portion of the proceeds does in fact go straight to efforts that combat domestic violence.”

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