All Hail the Women Who Just Bought The Weinstein Company

From She Knows authored by Christina Marfice:

“It probably would have been easy to just let Harvey Weinstein’s embattled company, The Weinstein Company, fall into bankruptcy, ending the disgraced producer’s long legacy of abusing women. But that would have provided no help or closure, plus it would have taken jobs from the 150 people the company employs, who don’t deserve to be punished because their boss is a piece of human garbage. What to do? Obviously, women have the answer.

A group of investors, primarily female, saved TWC from bankruptcy at the last minute, swooping in with $500 million to buy the company. That includes $80 million they’ve pledged to put into a relief fund to disperse to Weinstein’s many victims. They also plan to remove the board that covered up Weinstein’s actions and install their own mostly female board and keep all of TWC’s innocent employees in their jobs. Oh, and they’re led by Maria Contreras-Sweet, the former head of the Small Business Administration during Barack Obama’s presidency and basically just an all-around feminist badass who believes in giving women all the same opportunities that are given to men.”

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