Honey, I Swept the Floor!

From The New York Times authored by Brooke Williams:

“Closing the Whirlpool’s door with an exaggerated swagger, Christopher rolled down his oxford sleeves and said, “Just unloaded the dishwasher!”

I stared at him. I had loaded the dishwasher that same day without feeling the need to tell anyone.

Earlier he had washed the windows. Each time he walked back into the room, he pointed out the improved visibility: “Boy, do those windows shine!”

I should have laughed at him, but I was too tired to think anything was funny, so I said, “Who do you think filled the dishwasher, did two loads of laundry, car-pooled, cleaned the mustard spill in the refrigerator and billed a seven-hour day?”

My husband didn’t respond; he just started talking about the windows again.

I have heard him tell clients: “If you fail to define your brand, your competition will.” It took me a while to realize that he was applying the principles of branding to our marriage.”

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