How to experience powerful education free of charge

From Thrive Global authored by Paul Ellsworth:

“This week I will probably have hand cramps. When you work in high school, there are students who you have been pouring your life into for years. I’m going to write notes to many of those students who graduated this past weekend.

As I was thinking about the advice that I want to give, I realized that I don’t have much advice for college itself. My college experience was different than most people’s.

I took a gap year after high school to do missionary work. Then I went to a traditional college for one year. After trying traditional school and hating it, I moved to Mexico. Then I did two more years at two different universities in Mexico. Finally, while working two jobs and being a brand new dad, I finished up my schooling online.

I have found that years later I have the diploma but don’t remember much of what I learned in college. I guess I was rushing through it so frantically, that it all seems like a blur.

Although, I don’t have much advice for college itself, there are 7 things that have served me better than any college education ever could. Without these, I would simply have a diploma, but not a real education.”

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