How You Can Be The Answer To Gender Bias

From Forbes authored by Roger Dean Duncan:

“Gender bias is an equal opportunity phenomenon. It’s studied by sociologists and economists. It’s the subject of sermons in churches and synagogues. It’s a minefield for human resources practitioners.

And of course it’s a persistent topic for politicians all across the ideological spectrum. Just this week, as many people were observing Equal Pay Day, one prominent politician felt the sting of this hotly debated issue. U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, a progressive Democrat who has often railed against what she sees as unfair treatment of women, joined the ranks of the scolded. According to an analysis of publicly available Senate data, the gender pay gap in Sen. Warren’s office is even wider than the national average. In 2016, the analysis showed, women working for Sen. Warren were paid just $.71 for every dollar paid to men.”

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