Is Reverse Mentoring Right For Lawyers?

From The Lawyerist authored by Stephen E. Embry:

“Is reverse mentoring, typically thought of as having younger workers help and mentor those who are older, something that can work with lawyers and law firms?

The benefits for both sides could be enormous, especially considering the disruption in the legal profession, the onslaught of changes that will affect the manner of how we work, and the enhanced need for communication and understanding between generations. But how do we make it work?

What is Reverse Mentoring?

Reverse mentoring was first popularized by former General Electric Chairman Jack Welch, who directed GE to start using reverse mentoring to teach the use of the internet to its older workers by using younger workers as mentors. More recently, it has been put in place at Target and UnitedHealth Care.

Reverse mentoring recognizes the fact that by the time many workers reach their forties and fifties, they are just not as in touch with the future as younger people who approach things with fresher eyes, more open minds, and a more perceptive view of technology. Younger people who are new to the world of work also often have different social behaviors and backgrounds and can coach senior leaders on what the workplace should look like, what drives younger talent, and how to move forward.”


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