It’s time to change the conversation about “token” judicial appointments

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“Dear Judge Richard Posner:

Recently, you sat for an interview with Professor Luigi Zingales at the University of Chicago — which the Chicago Tribune reported on — that is causing concern for many lawyers. Specifically, on the subject of judicial appointments, you said:

[Politicians] do not care about quality beyond a minimum. A very low minimum. They care about other things. They care about tokens — (laughing) you have to have a woman, you have to have a Hispanic, you have to have a this, you have to have a that, but they care more than that about the politics. The political leanings, the religious leanings, so on, about the candidates, so you end up with mediocre courts that are highly politicized.

Your words transported me back to a time in high school when my calculus teacher told me I would succeed in this world not due to my own merits, but because I was a woman and Hispanic. He did not mean it as a compliment.”


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