A Major Bank Slipped Up And Showed Why Women Rarely File Sex Discrimination Cases

From The Huffington Post authored by Emily Peck:

“Of all the tactics companies use to silence women who speak up about sexual harassment, the way corporate lawyers question victims in depositions may be the most brutal.

In these taped confrontations, defense lawyers interrogate people on every aspect of their sexual histories, medical records and traumas from childhood.

Rarely do the depositions in civil cases get broad public attention. But this week, the Sydney Morning Herald obtained a transcript from a deposition that revealed exactly how lawyers for a major Australian bank, ANZ, grilled a former female employee.

Enilolobo Malika Oyo, a black woman who worked as a vice president in investment banking at ANZ’s New York office in 2013 and 2014, sued the bank in federal court in 2016 for sexual and racial discrimination — claims ANZ disputes. Oyo is seeking a multimillion-dollar payout.

Oyo had asked the Sydney Morning Herald not to publish her name, but after details of her lawsuit and deposition became news, she decided to go public. Her lawyers sent a statement to HuffPost on Monday night in which she shared her thoughts.

“One of the reasons I brought this lawsuit was to make sure that ANZ knows that it is not OK to treat the victims of discrimination like they are the ones who should be ashamed,” she said. ‘I know I have nothing to be sorry for.’”

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