Mansplaining, Man Interruptus And Other Tacky Conduct

From Above the Law authored b

“As a woman lawyer of a certain age, okay, as a dinosaur woman lawyer, I still have trouble understanding (and no, this is not cognitive impairment on my part) why the battle of the sexes, and yes, I think it still is, rages on in our profession. I know it’ll take another 150 years for gender parity at senior levels in our world, but can’t we take more than a few baby steps here and there? Are we walking? Toddling? Still crawling?

I offer just a few recent examples in trying to answer the apparently age-old question of what is taking so long? Women are still treated as less than equal

After ATL blew the whistle on this sexist post, the law school did a mea culpa and apologized for the inappropriate wording. What about husbands of law students?”

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