Married Women Do More Housework Than Single Moms, Study Finds

From Fortune authored by Emma Hinchliffe:

“If you’re a single parent, handling all the housework and childcare responsibilities on your own, you might expect to do more work at home than women with a partner to pick up the slack. But married women actually do more domestic work than their single mom counterparts—provided their partner is a man.

Women married to men spend more time on housework than single moms, according to a new study from sociologists at the University of Maryland, University of Texas, and University of Southern California. Why? The researchers say that married moms are more likely to “perform gender” in their relationships. “Married mothers increase housework in part to meet expectations about home-cooked meals, clean clothes, and well-kept houses—behavior integral to contemporary definitions of appropriate behavior for wives and mothers,” authors Joanna Pepin, Liana C. Sayer, and Lynne M. Casper write.”

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