Menstruating Migrant Girls ‘Visibly’ Bleeding Through Pants While Detained, Lawsuit Says

From The Huffington Post authored by Alanna Vagianos:

“Migrant girls being held in detention centers near the U.S.-Mexico border are “visibly” bleeding through their underwear and pants while menstruating due to a lack of access to sanitary products, according to a new lawsuit.

The suit, filed earlier this week by 19 states, challenges the Department of Homeland Security’s new regulations for detaining migrant children. A 26-page investigation included in the lawsuit found that children were living in “appalling” conditions, according to Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson.

The investigation, conducted by a civil rights attorney for Ferguson’s office, found that detained children were living in extremely cramped quarters, were denied medical care and were not given enough basic necessities such as toothbrushes and soap. Some reported being put in cages as punishment.

Among the testimonials, migrant teenage girls discussed a lack of access to menstrual products including pads and tampons. The girls reported that they were only give one sanitary pad a day while on their periods, and they were often left to sit in soiled underwear and pants.”

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