Obsess About The Dress (Suit)

From Above the Law authored by Ladylawyerdiaries and Lawprofblawg:

“Today, we discuss the dress. But, in the spirit of Twitter and short blog posts, we’re going to save time and only talk about what WOMEN should wear to court. We cannot and will not talk about what men wear into court, except briefly to affirm you’re dressed perfectly! Thus, dear men, your ugly neckties are safe. In fact, they just accentuate your personality, which is totally cool, because, you know, you’re a dude.

According to a recent Twitter war, the biggest threat to the judicial system is what women wear. As an example, one of our colleagues tells the story of a woman being sworn in before the Supreme Court. One of the justices (who shall remain nameless), actually sent the woman home, because her skirt was “too short.” Because, as you know, too short a skirt gets in the way of justice.

Disparity between focus on men’s clothing and women’s clothing runs rampant on advice sites. Here’s our best summary of advice we’ve gathered on the internet. We’ll omit obvious stuff like ‘don’t wear shorts.’”

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