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Sunny Eaton

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Sunny Eaton

Hierve El Agua 

Sunny Eaton

Sunny Eaton

“My adventure was more than just my desire to travel or to be free from the constraints of doing the same thing every day. It was for more than a bucket list item. It was for more than just, me.

It was for you.

You – who are unable to be single or do anything alone.

You – who don’t know who you are because you are scared about getting out of your comfort zone.

You – who have daughters and are inadvertently raising them to be hyper-concerned about being a victim.

I’m not brave. I’m not fearless. I just refuse to let those emotions rule my thoughts. I believe in overcoming all obstacles, and that means the “what ifs” of life and in adventure.

To make decisions based on extremes doesn’t just put boundaries on where your feet go, it limits your mind and more importantly, your heart.

The spirit of my adventure was to harness the influential women of the past to empower the fearful women of today. I did it to challenge you to say, “Why can’t I?””

— Veronica Remsbottom

Sunny Eaton, Esq., born in 1976, at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. Raised by a mother made of steel and high hopes.

Bachelor of Arts (BA), Psychology Major – Ball State University; Juris Doctor (JD) University of the District of Columbia, David A. Clarke School of Law

Sunny Eaton was predestined to follow a winding path, ultimately becoming what she was always meant to be: an attorney and a nomad photographer. Moving around a lot throughout her childhood, she went to high school in Germany, and Tennessee. In previous iterations, Eaton has been a family therapist, a foster parent recruiter, a behavioral science specialist in the Army and the Shoney’s mascot bear.

These days, Eaton is a criminal defense attorney, a partner at Eastside Legal in Nashville, Tennessee. Prior to that she was an attorney with the Nashville Public Defender’s office, a position she held with pride, and the place where she began to understand how much about life, and the world, she had yet to understand. She learned precisely how vitally important it is to shed light on the realities of people, and truths of their stories, beyond the surface narratives of a case summary or statistical representation.

Out of a constant, pounding desire to discover these truths, and to live a life less ordinary, Sunny has been living life on the road since 2015, traveling by car down the Pan-American Highway through Mexico and Central America, with her wife, Karin and their dog, Gracie. South America is next on the docket.

A love of adventures and an obsession with the details of the world around her, have naturally led her to a passion for photography. Eaton considers herself an average photographer who has stumbled into a world of extraordinary subject matter.

She photographs the world around her as she sees it. Not the poverty-stricken, violent Central America burned into our brains from media sensationalism, but the current realities: the people, the beauty, the everyday ordinary existence of a misunderstood, highly underrated region that she just can’t get enough of.

The social justice warrior in Eaton has not allowed her to simply travel and turn her back on the issues facing people at home. It was most surprising to her that she was unable to do so. Out of a need to be involved, to do something, anything, while on the road, Eaton formed The LGBT Legal Relief Fund (, an organization that connects LGBT individuals and families with supportive, knowledgeable attorneys willing to help them obtain legal protections at a discounted or free rate. The Fund, when able, assists with filing fees, adoption home studies and additional legal costs.

Sunny Eaton is currently compiling a book on women of the road, a study of those who travel and adventure regularly across borders by car, motorcycle and bicycle.

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