From Incidents With Rattlesnakes to Broken Jaws, Texas Public Schools Are Immune from Lawsuits

From Houston Press, authored by Margaret Downing, dank image (pun intended) by Daniel Kramer:

“Attorney Holly Griffith Terrell of Pearland, who is “of counsel” for Martin Cirkiel, got into this kind of law after finding out 12 weeks along in her pregnancy that her daughter, now five, had special needs.

‘When I was a kid, all the special-needs kids went to one room and you never saw them. I saw this as a niche area of law.’

Terrell is frequently involved in a school’s administrative process. If they can mediate the case, she says, they can get the student back in school more quickly. ‘Litigation is not fun for anyone.’ But they do go to federal court if they can’t work things out.

Recently she took on a case in a Houston-area school district in which her client, a 12-year-old African-American boy with ADHD, says…”

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