The “B” Word for Women Leaders (and all of our daughters): “Balancing” Strength and Style to Communicate Effectively

From Huffington Post authored by Jill S. Goldsmith J.D., LAC, NNC:

“I recently participated in a Girl Scout workshop to help girls learn leadership and public speaking skills. CEOs mentored girls as they prepared to give a one-minute ‘pitch’ about what change they would like to see in the world. Many girls spoke passionately about gender discrimination.

Whether talking about gender parity or other big issues, communicating effectively and assertively can be difficult for women and girls. If they speak up and speak out, they may be labeled a ‘B’ word. In my article published November 18, 2015 in The Huff Post, I identified 7 steps toward strategic assertiveness for women leaders. Below is an update of the article along with additional tips for girls in bold print.”

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