Virginia prison guards strip-searched an 8-year-old girl visiting her father

From The Washington Post authored by Katie Sheperd:

“Diamond Peerman drove 2½ hours the Sunday before Thanksgiving to take her boyfriend’s 8-year-old daughter to visit him at a state prison in Dillwyn, Va. When a drug-sniffing dog fixated on the pair, a Buckingham Correctional Center guard told them they had to submit to strip-searches or else they could be banned from the prison, Peerman told The Washington Post. The young girl balked at the idea of removing her clothes in front of the uniformed strangers. ‘I told her, that means you have to take all of your clothes off or you’re not going to be able to see your dad,’ Peerman told the Virginian-Pilot, which first reported the search Thursday. ‘That’s when she started crying.’”

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