Any Volunteers? Why Adding Activism To Your Skills Counts As Women Leaders

From Take the Lead Women  authored by Michele Weldon:

“Desperate and confusing times call for action.

Spending your spare time with a purpose can benefit you as well as those whom you are donating your time and energy to assist. This is not about writing philanthropic checks—this is about hands-on volunteerism.

You may not be taking several weeks off from work to help families and children in crisis at the border, recover fom a natural disaster or rebuild lives, but you can volunteer your time mentoring, leading a community group, registering citizens to vote or helping young girls learn how to code.

By volunteering whether on the ground in physical activity or as a volunteer board member of a non-profit whose mission you endorse, you can gather skills that will enhance your leadership and expand your networks. And it does have an impact on your career.”

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