What Do You Do When You Become The Statistic You Desperately Hoped To Avoid?

From Above the Law authored by Amy D. Cubbage:

“When I got out of law school, freshly minted as an attorney, I was prepared to change the world for women lawyers. My law school class in the mid-1990s was only 30 percent women, and we felt it.  We were told in ways both subtle and direct that we didn’t belong.  So when I graduated and joined the largest law firm in my state, I had a mission.  I didn’t just want to make money and rise through the associate ranks to become a partner — I wanted to prove that women belonged, and I wanted to be an example for others coming behind me.

Fast forward 10 years.  I’d done what I set out to do. I’d become a partner in a large law firm. I had a (reasonably) thriving practice. I’d helped other women coming up behind me.  Then I become a mother.”

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